Industries Served by Our CNC Machining Company


Allis Tool has delivered complicated machined parts to prime NASA contractors for parts used in the International Space Station. We've got the advanced CNC machinery to produce and repair massive machine parts for aircraft—but also have the capability of producing high precision inserts, o-rings, snap rings, pins, or any other component for aerospace applications.


Allis Tool has built gear box assembly equipment for OEM's as well as machined prototype thru short run for newly designed agricultural products.


Allis Tool works collaboratively with tier one suppliers from prototypes thru short run to OEM assembly stations for the automotive industry.


Machining providers of DNA related equipment components to OEM’s.


Machined and/or turned providers of small volume large parts of heavy duty construction machinery.


Prototyping and delivering large CNC machined components and parts for every corner of the energy production industry: wind, solar, fossil fuels, among many others.

Food Processing

Machined component providers of repetitive wear parts at costs lower than OEM’s. Critical deliveries on food grade quality components. We deliver complete repairs and prototypes of metal parts for food processing machinery.


Providers of field service & specialty tool kits that service technicians use to repair MRI’s. Large to small machined prototypes (thru short run) through the build of sophisticated assembly and test equipment. Companies in the medical industry trust Allis Tool & Machine for repairs and rebuilds of medical equipment.


Low volume, large parts machined, turned ground, coated complete. Repair and rebuild services of OEM parts and assembly equipment. Emergency shutdown machining services provided.


Short run prototypes from billet through castings split engine cases, transmission housings, triple trees and other miscellaneous multi axis machined components. Subassembly equipment and services provided.

Oil & Gas

Turn and machine master slips and slip bowls for OEM machines and turn parts up to 20,000 lbs. Machined oil & gas industry prototypes and repetitive wear service parts to print.


Provider of machined and turned OEM replacement wear parts. Supplier of machined prototypes thru short run and small volume production components. Builders of water jet slitting equipment for OEM.

Power Generation

Machine and bore large gear boxes, split or one piece up to 20,000 lbs. Turn and grind power transmission shafts for OEM.

Recycling / Reclamation

Provider to OEM of granulating and shredding components, turn shafts, weld wings on to shafts, machine knife blocks, hard face weld wear areas, grind ends for precision bearing fit. Refurbish used shafts to like new. Assembly is available with 10 ton overhead cranes. We provide short run prototyping and repair services for the recycling industry.


Numerous machined or turned configurations per OEM design up to 20,000 lbs. Prototypes thru short run and small volume.

Water Treatment

Machined and turned large industrial stainless steel components to OEM specifications, sub assembly available with 10 ton over head cranes.

Wind Energy

We perform scheduled rebuilds of wind turbine housings and bearings, and aid in prototyping or new machined components for heavy duty wind turbines.

Contact our Milwaukee machine shop today for rebuilds or new construction of large CNC machined components.