Automotive Industry CNC Machine Shop

Automotive Industry CNC Machine Shop

Custom Auto Machining Services for Precise Repairs & Rebuilds

Wisconsin CNC Machining Company for Engine & Automotive PartsPrototyping (thru short run) precision and heavy metal automotive parts for Milwaukee companies is our specialty. From bringing you the perfect custom metal components to providing you with top tier heavy auto parts repairs, Allis Tool & Machine is your best source for a personalized automotive machining experience.

Our facility and equipment give us the capabilities to prototype engine parts for any vehicle type—from a hatchback to a military grade Humvee engine case.

We’ve Got the Capability to Prototype EXACTLY What You’ve Drawn Up

Looking for a specific service? Allis Tool has a wide range of options for you to consider: from custom sheet metal fabrication to large horizontal machining. Every time you work with our Milwaukee automotive manufacturing company, we make sure to cover all of your choices so we develop your metal part with absolute precision.

Automotive Precision CNC Machining Services

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We help clients set up their own facilities to handle the demand of high quantity production. Get a quote on our custom automotive metal parts services today or continue reading to find out more about our prototyping and how we can help bring your automotive designs to life.

Car Engine Parts Prototypes from Allis Tool & Machine

With milling, large machining, wire EDM and turning available, it shouldn’t surprise you our facility helps customers manufacture auto parts prototypes. From engine cases to fasteners and suspension parts, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking to create. We’ll cut, saw, stitch, weld, curve and machine whatever we need to in order to bring your concept to fruition.

Contact Wisconsin’s best automotive CNC machining shop to request a quote.