Oil & Gas Equipment Production and Repair in Wisconsin

Oil & Gas Equipment Production and Repair in Wisconsin

Drilling & Mining Equipment Redesign & Repair

Oil & Gas Industry CNC Machining CompanyAllis Tool & Machine owns and operates a fully equipped CNC machine shop in Milwaukee. We work with oil and gas companies across the nation, and across the globe, to repair, redesign, and manufacture large scale low volume equipment.

Whether you need a custom cut drill bit, or to resurface turbine blades, our expert machinists will manufacture products to your exact specifications.

Oil & Gas Equipment Precision CNC Machining Services

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Turbine Blade Machining Milwaukee

Allis Tool & Machine repairs turbine blades and other oil & gas components for a fraction of the cost of new production. We specialize in low volume, large scale rebuilds and repairs of existing large metal oil & gas components. Our cutting edge CNC and wire EDM technology makes us one of the leading precision machinists in Milwaukee.

Looking to save thousands on precision CNC machining in Milwaukee? Contact the experienced machinists and experts at Allis Tool & Machine to get started.