Quality and Inspection Protocol

Allis Tool & Machine Corp. Quality and Inspection Protocol     


Allis Tool and Machine is committed to delivering your parts complete to fit, form, and function based on defined geometric tolerancing and print requirements that you provide.  Our ISO 9001:2015 QMS standard defines our inspection protocol with the following three levels to the defined dimensional tolerances using calibrated and verified equipment.


  • First Article Inspection (FAI) is performed after each operation, per the inspection protocol, on the first part of every order, prior to the order proceeding to the subsequent operation
  • Sampling Inspection is performed after each operation, per the inspection protocol, on orders with multiple parts. 
  • Final Inspection is performed after the last manufacturing operation is complete and prior to release for shipment.  All orders will have a single piece inspection, per the inspection protocol, and multiple piece orders will have additional parts inspected, per the inspection protocol.


Dimensional Tolerances                       Inspection Protocol

Greater than + 0.005”                           Inspected and undocumented

Equal to + 0.005”                                   Inspected with drawing defined critical dimensions documented

Less than + 0.005”                                 Inspected and documented


A machining report is developed at the time of material acquisition and stays with the project files during and after production is complete.  This report is completed by the machinist based on the three levels defined above and the final inspection is completed by our full-time inspector.

Additional inspection requirements may be requested, and a full CMM inspection report is available at and additional cost for parts up to 47” L X 35” W X 35” H.   All results are documented and stored for historical referencing and inspection documents, material certifications, and heat treat certifications may be requested at any time.  


Allis Tool & Machine Corp has been assessed and is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR Registered.