CNC Operator Trueing Ductile Iron Part

Custom Machined Ductile Iron Casting

CNC Machined Ductile Iron for Prototype Designs

Pictured above is a heavy duty lathe trueing a ductile iron casting. The end of the casting must be made perfectly flat before sending to a bridgemill for further machining. Allis Tool & Machine performs advanced turning processes like this to create or recreate brand new large metal parts.

Allis Tool and Machine Corp is a Milwaukee-based CNC machine facility specializing in custom turning, milling, and grinding mid-size to large metal components. We make your CAD and prototype designs a reality, and our staff of expert machinists are some of the best in the industry. With the help of our state of the art 37,000 square foot precision machine shop, we can CNC machine ductile iron, steel, aluminum, and a whole host of different metals to your individual standards.

Utilizing the latest machines and technology, Allis Tool can individually create parts from a few ounces to 20,000 pounds in weight with extreme levels of precision. We are Milwaukee’s top heavy metal fabrication facility, and companies throughout the region depend on us for all of their machined metal parts and prototype components.

Custom CNC Machining for Short Run Prototypes

Without our highly knowledgeable machinists and a host of different CNC machines, Allis Tool & Machine would not be able to take on the large scope of jobs that we do. We take full advantage of our CNC vertical milling machines, large CNC lathes, milling machines, and more to provide you with the most polished and refined custom metal components possible.

The Mitsubishi 4 axis wire EDM machine, our shining gem amongst our arsenal of high-tech metal fabricating machines, makes precision cuts and creates metal components at high speeds. Simply present us with your CAD design and we can build it! We have custom manufactured a large selection of different metal components, including:

Wisconsin Precision Machining Services

We understand the importance of precision, which is why we use advanced computers and new machining innovations to increase our levels of accuracy exponentially.

We do all of our machining in house, and include all of the necessary metals and materials into our estimate. We provide our services to Wisconsin industries throughout the state, and we continually strive to stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends in the CNC milling world.

Contact Allis Tool & Machine regarding developing a prototype or rebuilding/repairing a heavily used large metal part.
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