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Prototype of Motorcycle Engine Case

Short Run Prototyping for Small Engines

Allis Tool and Machine Corp. provides short run prototyping services in order to meticulously craft and CNC machine metal prototype models according to your individual specifications. The motorcycle engine case pictured above was created for a local Milwaukee company seeking a high quality, custom milled, exact prototype to represent their final product.

We work with you from the start of your prototype’s initial conception, all the way to the final results. Here at Allis Tool and Machine, we have a large facility and a wide array of different machinery that allows us to custom machine and work with large industrial metals weighing up to 20,000 pounds.

Utilizing our massive collection of high tech CNC machinery, we were able to turn, mill, and grind all of the components of this engine case with extreme levels of precision. In fact, our equipment is so advanced that we can shape all of your necessary metal prototype components with a margin of error as low as +/- .0002 inches!

CNC Metal Services for Industrial Components

Allis Tool and Machine specializes in custom precision CNC machining for a wide variety of prominent industries. Custom metal components and parts are in constant demand, and businesses nationwide depend on us to custom create a wide variety of metal parts of all different shapes and sizes. Some of the most common industries we service include:

We employ some of the most distinguished CNC experts in their field, and with Allis Tool and Machine there is virtually no custom metal component that is too big or too small for us to handle. Just take a look at all of the detailed twists, turns, and small parts in this motorcycle engine! We enjoy the challenge of working with some of industries’ toughest metals in order to provide our clients with the quality of craftsmanship that they have come to rely upon.

Milwaukee Machining Company Produces Exact Prototypes Thru Short Run

The value of a well built, high-quality, custom designed short run prototype is virtually priceless. Whether it’s for product research purposes or as a physical sample to show potential investors, your prototype can ultimately make or break your business.

We work individually with all of our clients to ensure that your prototype is feasible, efficient, and exactly what you have in mind.

Send us a drawing of your prototype and we’ll bring it to life.
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