Grinding Chamber for Recycling

Large Capacity Machining and CNC Cutting

Check out our impressive Kuraki horizontal boring bar rebuild a large grinding chamber for the recycling industry. We've got the capability to produce and rebuild heavy machine tools such as this to help you save thousands on maintenance, repairs or replacement.

Allis Tool & Machine Corp is a custom CNC machining shop specializing in custom machining short run prototype parts. Our state of the art, 37,000 square foot boasts heavy duty large CNC turning, milling, and grinding machines. We manufacture and produce metal components weighing from a few ounces all the way up to 20,000 pounds with a margin of error around .0002 inches! We currently service a wide variety of Wisconsin industries including:

We are Wisconsin’s premier heavy machine shop for machining turbine blades, oil rig components, and large scale metal components for the recycling industry like the one pictured above!

Precise CNC Machining for Prototypes

At Allis Tool and Machine Corporation it is our goal to make your prototype design a reality. Allis Tool machinists are some of the most experienced CNC operators in the country.

Our manufacturing process is simple, straightforward, and efficient. Simply bring us your CAD designs, specs, and whatever else you need and we will get to work! We provide all of the necessary materials in our estimates, however we will be more than willing to use your metals if you choose. We shape and form common metals (and less common upon request)—stainless steel, steel alloys, and cast iron are no problem.

Custom CNC Machined Parts

Metal parts machining is our specialty, and our years of experience allow us to custom CNC machine some of the best parts on the market. We also repair parts and build replacement components for large machinery. We build gears, levers, switches, connectors, and any other replacement component you can think of.

Send us a drawing and we’ll get you a quote ASAP.
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