Custom CNC Machined 4140 Steel Part

Custom CNC Machined Metal Part

Custom machined metal part from Allis Tool & Machine. We utilize 2-4 axis machining (turning, grinding, milling, and many other precision machining tactics) to create large metal components with unmatched precision.

Wisconsin Heavy Metal Fabrication Company

Whether you need a custom made metal repair part, or want to make your prototype design a reality, Allis Tool and Machine Corp. is your number one choice for CNC metalworking services.

Take a look at the precision machined part in the image above. Through high-tech CNC cutting and 4 axis machining, we were able to create the sleek, intricately crafted, polished results you see here. No matter how complex the design may be, our crew of programmers and CNC machinists have got you covered.

Milwaukee Precision CNC Shop Rebuilds Metal Parts

Allis Tool and Machine Corp is a Milwaukee based machine shop specializing in many different metal fabricating services. Our high-tech, state-of-the-art facility allows us to expertly manufacture and create custom CNC metal components, like the metal part pictured above, with unmatched precision.

Allis Tool & Machine's CNC Services

Allis Tool and Machine Corp works hand-in-hand with many of the biggest known companies in the industry in order to supply them with extraordinarily high quality CNC metal components, whose level of accuracy is well beyond that of our closest competitors.

We Specialize in Large CNC Turning for Oversized Parts

Precision metal machining is what we do. What separates us from our competitors is that our 37,000 square foot facility gives us the space and equipment needed to custom fabricate metal parts weighing up to 20,000 lbs!

Utilizing our arsenal of high-tech vertical CNC lathes, multi-ton cranes, CNC turning machines, and other advanced CNC machines, we are able to turn, mill, and grind intricate metal parts like the one in this photo.

We have manufactured metal, short run prototypes for a world renowned Wisconsin motorcycle company, NASA’s International Space Station, and a host of different prominent governmental agencies and private companies.

To learn more about our custom CNC metal fabricating services, contact Allis Tool and Machine today!
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