Repaired Steel Shredder for Plastics

Rebuilding a Steel Shaft for Plastic Shredder

Milwaukee Heavy Metal Equipment Fabrication and Repairs

This is a look at a worn down 4140 steel plastic shredder shaft Allis Tool & Machine is tasked to re-build. We bring new life to parts subject to heavy use and renew your machine's effectiveness and efficiency.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facility and our heavy duty CNC machines, we are able to work with the largest metal parts and toughest materials. We are Wisconsin’s premier source for large part machining, and we provide the recycling industry with all necessary prototype components and machined milled metal components.

Allis Tool and Machine Corporation accurately and efficiently turns, mills, grinds, and shape a wide variety of metal and materials in order to perfectly produce your short run prototype.

Wisconsin CNC Machining for Prototypes

We do all of our machining and CNC turning in-house, and rely on our team of expert machinists and state-of-the-art machines to do anything you ask. We custom craft and shape components that weigh a few ounces, all the way up to 20,000 pounds! This allows us to specialize in large CNC machining, and we handle everything from full length wind turbines, oil rigs, and plastic shredders like those pictured above! We can machine most common metals, including:

Custom CNC Stainless Steel Parts

Our CNC machining process is straightforward, efficient, and exceptionally accurate. You simply bring in your CAD design along with any other specifications, and we get to work. We include all material and production costs in our estimates. We service a wide variety of different Wisconsin industries such as:

It is our goal to provide all of our clients with impeccable service, and we personally work with you individually to make your short run prototype a reality!

Send us your drawing for a short run prototype or contact us to get a quote for rebuilds or repairs.
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