Rebuilding Steel Shaft for Plastic Shredder Wisconsin

CNC Milling a Steel Shaft for Plastic Shredder

You're seeing a Kuraki horizontal boring bar milling a 4140 steel shaft for a plastic shredder. These shredders for the recycling/reclamation industry grind up plastic for use in carpeting. These machines are capable of shredding plastic as thin as a strand of hair. For rebuilding and fabrication of heavy duty machined parts like this one, there's no one better fit than Allis Tool & Machine.

Precision Machining for Milwaukee Industry

Allis Tool and Machine is a broad-scale, large component machining and short run prototype manufacturer that specializes in CNC machining for most common industrial metals. What makes us unique is that our 37,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, Wisconsin facility allows us to produce and manufacture components up to 20,000 pounds!

Using a system of cranes and other high-tech CNC machinery we are able to turn, mill, grind, and gouge large pieces of metal that small machine shops simply cannot handle. In addition to the 4140 steel in the picture above, we also work with most common base metals.

We offer some of the most skillfully done CNC work in the nation, and our ridiculous tolerances offer a margin of error of +/- .0002 inches!

Wisconsin Large Diameter Machining Services

Our high-tech CNC machines, like the Kuraki horizontal boring bar, give us the rare ability to form exceptionally detailed parts like the steel shaft for an industrial plastic shredder above. In addition to machinery components, we are also well-known for rebuilding heavy parts for equipment, often at a fraction of the cost of full replacement via the OEM.

If you are searching for hard to find replacement parts, looking to upgrade your current equipment, or want to turn your short run prototype design into a reality, we are the Milwaukee heavy CNC machining company for you.

Our Custom CNC Machining Services

Aside from our large machining capabilities, the CNC specialists, metal fabricating experts, and engineers Allis Tool and Machine provide our clients with other services as well including:

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Custom CNC Services and Metal Machined Parts

We work with some of the most prominent industries in the nation. In fact, we have even CNC turned parts that have ended up on NASA’s International Space Station, and we continue to provide our services to world-renown Wisconsin motorcycle giant.

We work with small companies and large corporations alike, and our CNC prototyping is becoming increasingly popular with industries wanting to launch a new product, small entrepreneurs seeking a model for investors, and research and development teams nationwide.

Submit your drawing and we’ll bring it to life.
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