Our Milwaukee CNC Shop's Machines

Take a Tour of Our State-of-the-Art Machine Shop

Allis Tool & Machine boasts a 37,000 square foot facility featuring 10 ton overhead cranes and a battalion of experienced CNC operators with many years of experience working with vertical / horizontal machining centers, boring bars, saws, turning centers, lathes, welders and grinders (among others). We aren’t kidding when we say we do it all. Check out what we’ve got, and all the machines we utilize to produce high precision CNC parts.

Milling (+/- 0.0005)

Kuraki KBT-11WA CNC Horizontal Boring Bar

X-78” Y-59” Z-57”
Full 4th Axis

Yama-Seiki LP-4021 Vertical Machining Center

X-157” Y-82”
26,400 lb. capacity

Toyoda SP-3016 Vertical Machining Center

X-120” Y-63”
22,000 lb. capacity

Majestic FD-1822 Vertical Machining Center

X-86” Y-70”
26,400 lb. capacity

Toyoda FA 630 Horizontal Machining Center

X-39.3” Y-33.4” Z-29.5”
Full 4th Axis-Pallet Changer

Yama-Seiki VMB-1460 Vertical Machining Center

X-55.1" Y-23.6" Z-23.6"

Mori Seiki SV-400 Vertical Machining Center

X-22” Y-16” Z-18"

Hwacheon Sirius 550 Vertical Machining Center

X 45.3" Y-21.7" Z-21.7"

Dah-Lih Vertical Machining Center

X-53” Y-27” Z-24”

DeVlieg, Horizontal Boring Mill

X-108” Y-61” 10000 lb. Capacity

Webb CNC Knee Mill

X-42” Y-12”

Clausing CNC 2 Axis Mill (2)

X-33” Y-14”

Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machines (3)

#2J Head, all with DRO & Power Feed

Horizontal Milling Machines (2)

X-36” Y-11”

Turning (+/- 0.0005)

Samsung SL-65/3200 CNC Turning Center

Live Tooling Capabilities
35.4” Turning Diameter
126.0” Turning Length

Dainichi F45.50 CNC Turning Center

29.0” Turning Diameter
78.0” Turning Length

Mori Seiki SL-250B/1000 CNC Turning Center

20.1” Turning Diameter
43.3” Turning Length

Mori Seiki Frontier-L CNC Turning Center

18.9" Turning Diameter
43.3” Turning Length

Victor Engine Lathe

32.5” Turning Diameter
120.0” Turning Length

Geared Head Lathe - GAP Bed (2)

24.0” Turning Diameter
60.0 “Turning Length

Grinding (+/- 0.0002)

4 Surface Grinders: up to 24" x 60" x 20"
1 Internal Grinder: 18" Ø Swing x 14" Stroke
1 Cylindrical Grinder: 15" Ø Swing x 75" Centers
1 Cylindrical Grinder: 12" Ø Swing x 50" Centers

Auxiliary Equipment

Brown & Sharpe 9-12-9 Excel CMM
X-35” Y-47” Z-35”

Mitutoyo Optical Comparator

Micro-Hite 600

37,000 sq. ft. facility w/ lifting capability to 10 Tons shop wide

Welding – Light Gauge Fabrication

Tap Disintegrator


7,000 lb. Capacity