Horizontal Boring Bar Machining Wind Transmission Housing

Large Wind Equipment Rebuild Wisconsin

An expert CNC machinist at Allis Tool & Machine Corp. works on fixturing a transmission housing for a wind turbine on one of our two (2) Kuraki horizontal boring bars.

Large CNC Turning Services for Wind Energy

Wind energy is a fascinating business that is continuing to develop as technology changes. Wind turbines are massive machines that require a lot of regular maintenance, upkeep, and parts are constantly needing to be replaced.

With the assistance of our 37,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, Wisconsin facility we are able to CNC machine incredibly large metal parts, like the one pictured here, for the wind energy industry. In fact, we can safely work with components up to 20,000 pounds!

Our machine shop will work with most any common metal you think of. While we supply all of the raw materials you will need, we will be more than happy to work with you own metals upon your request.

Custom CNC Turning for Large Industries

We have clients ranging from small business owners to large industrial companies alike. We have made custom milled metal components, replacement parts, and short run prototypes for a Wisconsin motorcycle giant, and some of our work has even ended up on the NASA International Space Station!

We have an arsenal of high-tech CNC machinery, and these CNC turning centers, horizontal boring bars, and vertical lathes gives us the tools to make components with a level of accuracy of up to +/- .0002 inches.

Our Precision CNC Services

We have a system of 10 different cranes in our machine shop to move, shape, and safely finish large CNC machine parts like the piece of the windmill above.

We are an all-encompassing CNC machine shop that will create parts of all different shapes, sizes, and level of detail.

Submit your drawing and get a quote for large CNC machining services and short run prototyping.
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