Samsung Large CNC Turning Center

Samsung CNC Large Turning Center

The Samsung SL-65/3200 CNC turning center (with live tooling) is capable of forming, knurling, internal threading and more computer numerically controlled turning processes. Capable of 35.4" turning diameter and 126.0" turning length.

High Precision Custom CNC Metal Machining Services

Here at Allis Tool and Machine, we rely on only the highest quality machines and CNC technology to give our clients the best, custom created, metal parts and components available. This Samsung SL-656/3200 CNC lathe (live tooling) is designed to help our machinists and programmers turn and shape metal components with extremely high levels of precision.

In fact, these CNC machines are so advanced that we are able to fabricate your custom made metal components with an accuracy of +/- .0002 inches! These high tech, large-scale machines make Allis Tool and Machine unique in the sense that we are able to work with large, bulky pieces of metal up to 20,000 pounds!

In addition, our 37,000 square foot, Milwaukee based machine shop gives us ample space to store and use a wide variety of different CNC machines like the one pictured above! We hire some of the top programmers and CNC machine specialists in the industry, and companies nationwide have grown to rely upon the level of quality that only Allis Tool and Machine has to offer!

Wisconsin Metal CNC Machining

Due to its extremely high level of accuracy, CNC machining is now the most popular form of custom metal component fabrication for industrial businesses. Here at Allis Tool and Machine, we are able to work with a plethora of common industrial metals including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, cast iron and more!

With the help of our arsenal of CNC machines, like the one pictured above, we are able to go above and beyond what is expected of us to help a multitude of different industries nationwide. Some common industries we service include:

CNC machining is great for making replacement parts, short run prototypes, and hard to find manufacturers parts. In fact, because we are such an efficient metal machining outfit, many of our clients are shocked to find out just how affordably we are able to produce high quality metal work!

Milwaukee Custom CNC Shop

Here at Allis Tool and Machine your satisfaction is our number one goal.

We hire some of the most highly qualified CNC machinists in their field, and we take pride in making sure that all of our employees are continually kept up to date on all of the latest CNC technology. No matter how detailed, large, or complex your component or prototype is, the professionals at Allis Tool and Machine are here to help.

For the best CNC machining services on the market, contact the professionals at Allis Tool and Machine today!
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