Vertical Bridge Mill Machining Center

Vertical Bridge Mill Machining Center Milwaukee

An experienced Allis Tool machinist smoothly operates a vertical bridge mill to precision machine a custom metal part. We've got 3 bridge mills in our shop to handle parts of various materials and sizes.

High Tech CNC Solutions for Custom Metal Parts

When it comes to stainless steel repair parts, short run prototypes, and custom turned CNC components, only the highest levels of precision will do. This is why Allis Tool and Machine uses an arsenal of different high-tech CNC machines, like the vertical bridge mill pictured above, to efficiently and accurately custom machine a wide variety of common industrial metals.

We have the manpower and equipment to meticulously shape most any custom component from some of the most difficult to work with metals, including:

With a large amount of workspace available and a team of dedicated CNC professionals at our disposal, we are able to provide our clients nationwide with some of the highest quality, custom fabricated metal components on the market. In fact, our machines are so accurate that we currently have a margin of error of only +/- .0002 inches!

Custom Machined Components make Great Repair Parts

It is an inevitable fact that once any industrial machine gets older or sees heavy use, they are guaranteed to malfunction. At this point manufacturer produced replacement parts, if you can even find them, are bound to be outrageously expensive. Why order overpriced manufacturer’s components when the machinists at Allis Tool and Machine can create you a new one at a fraction of the cost?

We continue to help the aviation, mining, medical, and other prominent industrial fields on a daily basis with their worn or broken machine replacement parts. Our team of highly-trained CNC programmers will design and create you an exact replica of the old one, no matter how intricate it may be.

In addition, there is virtually no part that is too big or too small for us to handle. Our 37,000 square foot facility and multiple heavy duty cranes lets us handle large metal components all the way up to 20,000 pounds!

Milwaukee Stainless Steel CNC Machining Services

We are also able to machine, weld, and assemble custom metal prototypes according to your personal designs. We work with some of Wisconsin’s top businesses to create custom engineered prototypes for whatever our client’s needs may be.

For more information on custom machined prototypes, contact Allis Tool and Machine today.
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