Custom Linear Guide, Lead Screw, Slide Nut, and Slide Truck Solutions for OEM's - The New Home of SlideTech!

Custom Linear Guide, Lead Screw, Slide Nut, and Slide Truck Solutions for OEM's - The New Home of SlideTech!

Allis Tool Acquired SlideTech LLC 12/1/2022 and is proud to offer and expand on the custom solutions for Linear Guides, Lead Screws, Slide Nuts and Slide Trucks. Not only are we a user, we have expanded the offerings.

Emergency Repair & Prototyping Available!

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While the Slidetech product line is commonly known for emergency replacement of linear ways, bearings and screw assemblies, their expert technical knowledge and proprietary methods are commonly used by machinery builders requiring both standard and custom low friction surfaces and bearings.

Download the Technical Geek Sheet Here.

The core of Slidetech’s expertise is in the application of a proprietary Low Friction Polymer Material (LFPM).  The LFPM material is really only part of our success.  Our true success comes from the knowledge and technique in molding or casting the material, and from years of experience in understanding its’ use.

Some of our most common applications include;  no lube linear, no lube screw nuts, vibration dampening, noise dampening, and low friction surfaces.

Benefits of using Low Friction Polymer Materials (LFPM)

  • High load/high compression strength. 19,000 PSI.
  • Low Friction. Documented coefficients of friction from 0.050 to .115.
  • Deadens vibration and noise. Vibration attenuation 25 times better than steel.
  • Non seizing machine failures. Predictable use and wear.
  • Tough and solid in wicked environments. Resists most contaminants, coolants and wash downs.
  • Standard temperature can withstand up to 180 deg. F surface temperature.
  • High Temperature LFPM available that can withstand up to 400 deg. F surface temperature.
  • Precision/Accuracy. Zero Shrinkage and Mirror Image capability replicates mating surfaces.
  • High Shock Loads.
  • LOW COST. LFPM solutions are a low cost option for Emergency or Designed Applications.
  • NO LUBE.

Standard Specifications

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  • Round Shaft Bearings
  • Square Shaft Bearings
  • Profile Rail Bearings
  • Spline Shaft Nuts
  • Polygon Shaft Nuts
  • Custom Screw Nuts
  • Dove Tail Ways
  • Linear Ways